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Taiko Set III – Powerful Shaolin Kung Fu Music (Mixed by HTH Pictures) | Nghe nhạc thiền hay nhất tại đây.


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You guys asked for it – and I was more than happy to do it – so I proudly present: The Third Taiko Set!
Also some of you reached out to me asking for harder rhythms. Well, there is some pretty hard hitting stuff in here ;-)
Also I displayed the artist and title for almost every track. If I mixed tracks together the info about the song that plays first is displayed on the left side.

This was quite a long running project. But I wanted to deliver quality work ^^
I acquired some pretty awesome tracks that I am happy to share with you guys (as with the second set this one as well is not cc-licensed anymore)
I tried to mix the audio technically as best I can but I am more of a video guy so it isn’t perfect.
BUT the animation looks nice, right? ^^”
Yea, it was fun to make but took about 16-18hrs to render and I am glad I can delete the raw-files now (about 350gb)

That is all I have to say for now. I hope you enjoy this set as much as the previous ones.
If you have any quiestions/suggestions/feedback, shoot!

Amitofo -/-

Oh and as always:
Since many ppl seem to have a problem with me relating a chinese martial art to japanese music I am just gonna pin my opinion on the matter: You are definitely right in saying that Taiko originated from Japan. But beeing a Kung Fu practitioner for 11yrs now I can safely say that percussion based music is also related to this (and many other) martial arts. Maybe not Taiko per se but Taiko-esque. For me these two things, granted that they originate from different cultures, work really well together and looking at the comments I don’t seem to be the only one thinking so. Let me stress again, you are right Taiko is independent to Japan. So why did I title the video the way I did? Simply to make sure that the video reached its intended audience and does not confuse people. Most of the time “Kung Fu music” equals “Tai Chi music” and this is simply not what most people are looking for.

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Taiko Set III - Powerful Shaolin Kung Fu Music (Mixed by HTH Pictures)
Taiko Set III – Powerful Shaolin Kung Fu Music (Mixed by HTH Pictures)

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Taiko Set III – Powerful Shaolin Kung Fu Music (Mixed by HTH Pictures).

kung kung kung mp3.

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  1. I so greatly greatly GREATLY enjoyed this!! ❤️ Thank you so much. It was a masterpiece and beautiful all the way through

  2. Hi there, Mr. He.

    I've heard Taiko Set I but did not comment, but I put all 3 TS into a new playlist (Workaday Music). Saving in it the kind of music that helps one concentrate on work and plough on steadily.

    Thanks for doing the research and putting them all together and putting them up here! Don't have a damned clue what the songs are, but they are a GREAT help for me to sustain energy for a bit of a prolonged period.

    Much appreciate~! <3 <3 <3

  3. love that, thanks for helping me work out and push the limits. will hear it also tomorrow i think XD or one of your other set's, much love from germany, keep it up <3 !

  4. Always come back to these whenever i'm in need of a quick training session. Glad that it now is a whole trilogy.

  5. OMG a part 3!? I wasn't expecting this, thank you so much I listen to part one and two while playing games I love it. Keep it up.

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